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Praise for Suhail's work

"I have been privileged to work with Suhail in a number of capacities. He is a man of deep integrity and of deep knowledge and wisdom. The support he was able to offer my team as a coach, expert in EDI and support during Covid was fantastic. I would unequivocally recommend you speak to him."

- Duncan Forbes (Chief People Officer at East and North Herts NHS Trust)


“Suhail has extensive knowledge of the health and social care sector and an unparalleled network of leaders, practitioners and financiers in health and care.”

- Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive Care England 

“Suhail has a wide knowledge of the health and social care system. He has written some excellent pieces on these topics”

- Ian R Smith, Former Chair at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

“Suhail has an excellent understanding of the health and care system. I have contributed to his research on the healthcare workforce. I can thoroughly recommend engaging with him.”

- Jane Townson Philpott, Chief Executive of UKHCA 

"Suhail delivered an excellent Webinar for furloughed staff during lockdown focusing on their inner wellness. It was an interactive seminar and Suhail addressed some of the challenges and work related anxieties for staff on furlough during a difficult time for everyone. He offered practical steps to prepare them to return to work with very uplifting messages which were aligned to our business values. Feedback was incredibly positive and helped us integrate furloughed staff back into the business in September. Many thanks Suhail for doing this for us, huge appreciation."

- Debbie Salter, Managing Director at Greycoat Lumleys (part of Empresaria PLC) 

“Suhail has an in-depth knowledge of the health and social care space as someone who owned a business in the sector. He engages and advises with senior policymakers in health and care, and I have approached him not long ago for guidance. His ability to listen and guide has added significant value to me. Suhail has a broad and sincere interest in drawing on and referring to the latest evidence-based data in most of his recommendations - which I appreciate immensely.”

- Naveen Keerthi, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur & Fellow at NHS England

“Suhail Mirza is an exceptional unique mentor, coach and  wide ranging writer. As a PhD Medicinal chemist I admire Suhail’s referencing up to date knowledge, both scientifically and medically in his work.  Suhail’s coaching techniques involve inner wellness (cultivating mind body and spirit) and an in depth journey into overall  well being. ”

- Dr Zena Miscony BSc(Hons), PhD, MRSC.

"Suhail is an inspirational man and has strong values and a calmness that is infectious. He has an excellent coaching style, connecting with personal leadership and commercial challenges with ease."

- Stewart McCoy, Chair REC (Education), Strategic Director, Randstad (Public Services).

“Having had the pleasure of working with Suhail, I would highly recommend his services. I can say with confidence that he is professional, perceptive and practical - a real asset for any individual or organisation “

- Paula Salerno RgN MSc , Founder and Clinical Lead at Vitality Health and Wellness.

“Suhail’s work speaks to your soul, providing it with a platform to express those feelings that we often do not have the words to describe”

- Dr Karan Jutlla, Senior Lecturer in Health (Dementia) at university of Wolverhampton 

“It was only when I was clear about where I was and my immediate priorities that my life began to flourish again. Suhail works with you to build and create a successful and joy-filled life. I would recommend Suhail to anyone who is committed to becoming a high-performer in every area of their lives.”

- Helen Honiset, Former Vice President Pearson plc (Managed services)

I had the greatest honour to be present at one of Suhail’s inner wellness sessions for ALC Enable. His in-depth knowledge about mental health, business and life shall always stick with me. He shared valuable and practical steps on how to achieve inner wellness and make the best of these difficult and challenging times. He listens patiently and offers a unique perspective to things in a calming manner. He is an inspiring, insightful, humble, and remarkable individual and mentor ready to share his knowledge openly and honestly, and with the best intentions. I am very happy to have met you Suhail and I thank you for being a huge part of my own inner wellness journey."

- Ivona Smilevska, Associate at ALC Enable 

“Leadership can at times be both lonely and challenging. Suhail’s words offer thoughts, tips and ideas that can support our own personal and often unique journeys.”

- Yvette Cleland, CEO at Clinical Professionals One of SIA’s top 50 most powerful women in staffing globally, & 2020 Europe 100 staffing list

Suhail delivered a great series of webinars to our teams, it was much needed and people are still using what he taught us.

- Alyx Peters – Chair of Advisory Council REC, CEO Network Recruitment Wales

Suhail, thank you so much for the Wellbeing Webinars you recently held for our NHS Professionals and Doctors Direct members, really fantastic sessions with some invaluable content”

- Nicola McQueen, Chief Executive Officer at NHS Professionals

“Modern life, particularly in the City, can sometimes leave you little time for true connection with your authentic self. Suhail’s approach really helped, as he shares simple and really impactful strategies to achieve this.”

- Sadiq Razak, Co-Founder of Razlin Capital Former Managing Director-Head of EMEA Trading ING Bank

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