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Authentic Self and Leading To Love

I have in my books referred to being in a place of darkness and being in the 'dark night' which I refer to my lowest ebb in my well being, questioning life , my importance in it and also my future.

However I do not wish for this to define me as I have learnt now that often sunshine comes after the clouds and sometimes you are blessed with a rainbow.

I realise now that the suffering, being homeless, jobless at times , facing betrayal and rejection of my child were all things that lead me to being my authentic unapologetic self. If I bring myself I bring myself fully to this dinner party of life.

Being proud of myself or at least learning from my mistakes helped me to outpour from my heart and write '' Many Mansions'' and the love trilogy '' Flames of Love'' and during this process my heart opened wide to allow love to fill my heart again.

I found love , one that was fulfilling and amazing and was equally reciprocated.

So the lesson I have learnt from this is when we are at the bottom, or what seems like that this is great redirection from the divine, a chance to recalibrate and find your true purpose.

Love awaits you, you just need to keep going , looking , learning.

Remember you are brave and beautiful always

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