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How visualisation can be a powerful part of you your daily routine

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I posted last week about daily rituals and had a number of questions from people about Visualisation.

On some days, trying to remember what 'normal' life was like is really hard. I've adopted new daily routines to cope, but the blurred lines between the old and new 'normal' can be confusing - and I have a feeling that reverting back, when the time is right, will be just as challenging!

For many years I've used visualisation to help me see beyond the present, to inspire hope and lift my vision. It helps override any cognitive confusion I'm experiencing and keeps my mind focused on positive things.

I've made a 2 minute video to explain more about how it works - I'd really recommend giving it ago if you're looking for a way to help maintain clarity and positivity right now.

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