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NHS and Social Care: Whither Political Honesty?

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Social Care and NHS

Perhaps apart from the Liberal Democrats there has been little innovative or detailed from the main political parties certainly as far as social care is concerned and, according to the Health Foundation, lack of candour when it comes to the NHS.

This important analysis from them lays bare the reality that in order to truly transform the NHS (and all of healthcare) much more and realistic funding is required. The report pulls no punches:

It is clear that the next government will face difficult trade-offs between spending on the NHS and other vital public services, and between overall public spending and levels of taxation. There is a pressing need for politicians to be honest with the public about these trade-offs in a way we have not so far seen during the general election campaign.

Lets hope politicians are finding time to read this

How much funding does the NHS need over the next decade?

Analysis from the REAL Centre on the funding needed to maintain and improve the NHS.

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