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01_IntroductionBy Suhail Mirza
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09_Living In WisdomBy Suhail Mirza
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10_Renewing Our WorldBy Suhail Mirza
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As someone who is a busy Sales and Business Development professional working in the “people” sector it is easy to get distracted in the “noise” of daily business demands.
Reading “Many Mansions” has been a revelation to me as it allows me to focus time for what is most important in life; it has helped me to examine the deeper questions of what my purpose is, who I am and how I can align my working life with my deepest values.

A beautiful uplifting book, offering thoughtful guidance on life, human experience, love and the light within. Through an exploration of the profound concepts of Traditional Wisdom, and poignantly observed experiences in his own life, Suhail shares his spiritual journey and solution. This is passionate, erudite yet highly readable spiritual writing at its very best, that left me with a feeling of warmth, inner peace and well-being. 

Many Mansions is not only pivotal, it is succinct in exposition. Truly a seminal work. It offers 'help' wherever you are on your quest for that which is 'eternal' in the world of anicca, impermanance. Many Mansions shows the way clearly via the ten steps. Mirza does this with palpable warmth, compassion and love. It shows how the darkest night opens to the brightest sunniest days. 

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