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The W.I.S.D.O.M model of coaching is designed to help you deal with the pressures of daily living. You will discover a deep sense of inner wellness, as well as increase your ability to manage stress, solve problems and release untapped potential. 

This unique system helps to quieten the often negative inner voice and help you establish ways to connect with your authentic self. Each of the daily steps have provided huge benefits in the lives of individuals as well as providing engaged, revitalized teams to companies. On a business level this will help with retention, engagement and growth of your teams. 

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On-Demand Videos 

For individuals seeking guidance on enhancing their inner wellbeing, On Demand Videos offer a wealth of valuable insights. These self-directed instructional resources  can be readily applied to promote sustained positive wellness. Explore and experience the transformative impact they can have on your overall health and wellbeing.

Group Leader's Training

As a group leader, it's important to view the world from the perspective of your team members. Understanding their values and priorities can help build a stronger team dynamic. By taking a proactive approach, we can create a safer and more productive work environment for everyone.

Strategy Review Report

Providing a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of the current strategies and implementation. Conducting a meticulous examination of all pertinent materials, engaging with key stakeholders, and delivering astute recommendations based on observations.

Wellness Webinar 

Our interactive webinars provide techniques to navigate and manage feelings of stress, anxiety, and times of change. Our expert, Suhail will guide you through each session, providing personalised support to help you achieve inner peace and balance. Join us today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and healthy life.

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“It was only when I was clear about where I was and my immediate priorities that my life began to flourish again. Suhail works with you to build and create a successful and joy-filled life. I would recommend Suhail to anyone who is committed to becoming a high-performer in every area of their lives.”


— Helen Honiset, Former Vice President Pearson plc (Managed services)

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